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Signature Gallery - GL Pianos

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dot Celebrity Authors, etc.

* Indicates clients that have purchased pianos from me.
(for two clients, I found them pianos through my personalized Piano Finder Service)

Steven Bochco Dennis Tito
"For Garron, Thanks for keeping us in tune!
Best," Steven Bochco
"Garron, Thanks for the Steinway B grand piano. It works
great for all the concerts. Best," Dennis A. Tito *
(Mr. Tito paid $20 million to be the world's first paying
space traveler in 2001)
Marilu Henner Vin Scully
"Dear Garron, Thanks for taking such good care of our piano!
You wear it well! Love," Marilu Henner
"To Garron - Thanks for keeping us 'on key' by taking care
of our piano. Best Wishes," Vin Scully
Gil Garcetti Brett Ratner
"Garron - Thanks for the gorgeous work on our Steinway!"
Gil Garcetti 08
"Garron, Thanks for bringing a beautiful piano to Hilhaven! With admiration and respect," Brett Ratner July 2011 *
Andrew Goldman

"To Garron, Thanks for the Kawai
Baby Grand!" Andrew Goldman *
(CEO Pandemic Studios)

Allan Becker

"Hi Garron! Thanks for the upright
Steinway!" Allan Becker *
(Senior Director, Sony Computer Ent.)

Geoffrey Emery

"Garron, Thanks for finding us the
1926 Steinway B! Great work!
Best wishes," Geoffrey Emery *
(Owner, Beverly Hills Porsche)

Tommy Chong Peggy Lipton
"Garron, Thanks for working on our piano. Man it was 'far
out' of tune. You're a real 'bud' to my piano!"
Tommy Chong
"For Garron, you made my Yamaha sound like a Steinway.
Thank you! My best," Peggy Lipton

"Garron, Thanks for the beautiful Baby Grand!" Sabzi *
(Professional artist Sabzi gave me this beautiful Artist's Proof of
his work - titled 'Hypnotic Twilight')

Mr. Brainwash

"Thank you for the Steinway!"
Mr. Brainwash
"Garron, Thanks for the Steinway
Duo-Art Grand. It's a work of Art!"
Thierry & Debora Guetta *

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