Dale, Forty & Co. Overdamper Piano

My client"s ‘Dale, Forty & Co.’ Overdamper piano.

Birdcage/Overdampers were made around the late 1800's
in Great Britain and Europe.
They typically have candlesticks and a burled walnut finish.
If you saw the movie ‘Titanic’ (James Cameron), an Overdamper piano
was played in the dance band on the ship.

Dale, Forty & Co. Overdamper Piano

This is the Action (mechanism).

Notice all the metal bars in the front, this is where they got the name "Birdcage" from (U.S.). The correct name though is "Overdamper".
The reason being, the dampers on the action are over the
hammers which is unlike a conventional upright piano where
the dampers are under the hammers.

The keyboard is also a little shorter than a standard piano, 85 notes instead of 88 notes and the strings go straight down on the frame
(straight strung), instead of being overstrung.
Very old Overdampers also have oblong tuning pins.

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