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dot GL Pianos Gives Back - here are a few photos and “authentic” Letters of Thanks.

Piano Donation Piano Donation

Here are 2 photos taken by Dr. Robert Frelly; Founder and Artistic Director/Conductor of the Southern California Youth Philharmonic.

One photo shows the Baldwin L Grand Piano (which I donated), with several younger students and the other is the Baldwin being played (in a rehearsal), with the cello choir. I restored the top end of this piano with new strings, tuning pins, new pin block, damper felts, refinished soundboard, reguilded frame, replated hardware, etc. I also reconditioned the action and tuned it to A440 Concert Pitch.

Dr. Frelly and his associates were thrilled they were getting this grand piano and said it was going to be used as their main piano in the music conservatory and in concerts on their main stage.

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SoCal Youth Philharmonic Maimonides Academy MACHA Theatre Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Heather Hyman
SoCal Youth Philharmonic
Piano Donation
Maimonides Academy
Piano Donation
MACHA Theatre
Piano Donation
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Heather Hyman
Letter of Thanks
National Veterans FoundationNational Veterans Foundation

Wendie Malick, Tony Shalhoub, Tim Allen and Barry Neikrug (who was the piano player on the stage), all starred in one of the funniest theatre productions called ‘Out Clause’ written by Joe Cacaci.

The performance (at the Coronet Theatre), was for one night only and the cast and myself donated our time and services with the proceeds from the show going to the National Veterans Foundation.

dot Liberace Foundation & Museum

For over 30 years, this cultural foundation has helped talented students pursue careers in the performing and creative arts through scholarship assistance. If you would like to learn more about the foundation or to make a donation; visit their website at:

Liberace Foundation & Museum

During the summer of 2009, my wife & I were happy to meet the museum officials when we were invited to the famous Liberace Foundation & Museum in Las Vegas.

Being given a complimentary tour, we were able to appreciate and view Liberace’s extensive piano collection up close. I was then invited by the museum director to play on Liberace’s favorite pianos. It was an honor for me to play and experience his custom made Baldwin grand pianos.

Many thanks go out to Jack Rappaport - president, Tanya Combs - museum director, Howard Shapiro - staff member, Michael Sharon - CFO, and concert pianist Philip Fortenberry for all of their hospitality!
We had a great day!

Playing Liberace’s Mirrored 9ft Baldwin SD Concert
Grand on stage in the Cabaret Showroom.

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