Wm. Knabe Parlor Grand 1921
(Bing Crosby's piano - now owned by his nephew)

Bing Crosby was a movie star and possibly the most popular vocalist of the 20th century. He had 38 No. 1 singles which surpassed even Elvis Presley & The Beatles. His recording of "White Christmas" is the best selling single of all time. (Wikipedia)

Wm. Knabe Parlor Grand 1921

We refinished this Knabe parlor grand in Black Satin
- notice Bing's portrait above the piano.

Wm. Knabe Parlor Grand 1921

We restored the top end: refinished soundboard, reguilded plate, new decal, new pin block, damper felts, tuning pins,
new strings, replated hardware, etc.

Wm. Knabe Parlor Grand 1921

Here we installed new key tops and a new Wm. Knabe decal.

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