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* Indicates clients that have purchased pianos from me.

Melissa Etheridge Dean DeLeo Keith Emerson Flea
"Garron, Thanks for the tunings!" Melissa Etheridge "Garron, U3 be great! Thanx,"
Dean DeLeo *
"To Garron, Thanks for the Baby Grand, Cheers," Keith Emerson "Dear Garron - Thanks for the Steinway brother!!! Love," Flea ***
In July 2011 and April 2012 Flea also purchased 2 other pianos from me.
Rod Stewart Marc Bonilla Holly Knight Josh Groban
"To Garron, Thanks for the White Baby Grand!" Rod Stewart * "Garron - Thanks for the great deal on the Hammond C3 + Leslie!"
Marc Bonilla *
"To Garron - Thanks for the
tune ups!" Holly Knight
"To Garron, Really enjoyed playing your Yamaha baby grand in my ‘Higher Window’ music vid!
Best wishes," Josh Groban
Alan White Jacknife Lee Wes Borland Simon Phillips
"Garron, Thanks for the piano work," Alan White "Garron, Thank you for the wonderful piano and service." Jacknife Lee * "To Garron: Thanks for the amazing Square Grand tune up! Sounds Great." Wes Borland "To Garron, Beautiful Lil’ Piano. Thanks so much, All the Best"
Simon Phillips 2007 *
Paul S. Denman Steve Dorff Chris Beck Danny Lohner
"For Garron, Thanks for bringing our piano back to life. Best wishes,"
Paul S. Denman
"Garron, Thanks for the work on my piano," Steve Dorff "Garron - Thanks for the Disklavier and great service!"
Christophe Beck *
"Hey Garron! Thanx 4 giving my piano the T.L.C. it needed!"
Danny Lohner
Robert Schwartzman Ben Lee Matthew Gerrard Vincent Jones
"Garron, Thanks for all the great piano advice. See you again!"
Robert Schwartzman *
"You have great pianos.. Rock n’ roll"
"Thanks Garron for getting the piano ready to rock!" Ben Lee "Garron, Thanks for the rebuilt Steinway M. Great sounding piano! Best" Matthew Gerrard * "To Garron, Thanks so much for the great U3! It Rocks! Best"
Vincent Jones *
Lester Mendez Oren Lavie Michael Damian Andrew McMahon
"Garron, Thanks for the Yamaha U3 for my studio. Great piano!!"
Lester Mendez *
"Dear Garron, many thanks for a great piano and the kindest attention." Oren Lavie 8/18/09 * "Garron, Thanks for keeping me in tune all these years!"
Michael Damian
"Garron, Thanks for the great piano work" Andrew McMahon
Natalise Alex Machacek & Sumitra Nils Mike Andrews
"To Garron! Thx for the U3! I love it!! Love," Natalise * "To Garron, Thank you for the perfect piano," Alex Machacek & Sumitra * "To Garron, Glad we could make the piano deal." Nils "Garron, Thanx for a cool Mini Piano," Mike Andrews *
Greg Jasperse Jamie Saint-Anthony Juan Colomer Sarah Kelly
"To Garron, Thanks for the great Yamaha U3. Looking forward to more. Best to you,"
Greg Jasperse *
"Garron - Your a genius! Thanks for your great work on the Steinway! Blessings -" Jamie Saint-Anthony "Garron, Thanks for the perfect Kawai Grand Piano."
Juan Colomer *
"Garron! Thanks for taking such good care of me + my piano!"
Sarah Kelly
David Bergeaud Jon Ehrlich Janice Ackles Andrew Gross
"Garron, Thanks for all the years of great service on my Steinway," David Bergeaud "Garron, Thanks for the Yamaha C3! And for the best friend money can buy. Best," Jon Ehrlich * "Garron, I’m glad you bought our Steinway piano! My husband, David Ackles, composed many great songs on it and played it every day."
Janice Ackles
"Garron, Thanks for the greatest U3 ever made!" Andrew Gross *
Don Barrett     Norda Mullen
"Garron - Thanks for the Yamaha piano! A great addition to the studio. Best," Don Barrett * "To Garron, Thanks for the friendship and YEARS of great piano service!!"
Norda Mullen

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