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Video/Photo Shoot

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This page details the Piano Video/Photo Shoot for the CD:
‘Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla’.

Normally I repair and rebuild a piano however in this case, we set fire to it!
Here is a ‘behind the scenes’ slideshow of my piano in the video/photo shoot (April 3rd 2008).

Burning Piano. Wm. Knabe piano in my warehouse. Meeting on arival at Borrego Springs. The set-up. Everyone helps out. Keith Emerson & Marc Bonilla rehearsing for the video. Photo courtesy of Michael Tweed. From left to right - Garron Larcombe, Keith Wechsler, Keith Emerson, Michael Prescott, Marc Bonilla, Michael Tweed. Keith & Marc performing for the video. Keith Emerson tempting fate. Photo courtesy of Michael Tweed. Keith and the aftermath. Some of the group. Photo courtesy of Michael Tweed.
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All photos in the above slideshow Copyright © GL Pianos and Michael Tweed

Growing up in the 70’s I was greatly influenced musically by the progressive rock bands of the day - Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), Pink Floyd, Genesis, to name a few. All of these bands had very creative keyboard players which influenced my own style of playing. Out of these players, the one that influenced me the most was Keith Emerson - “perhaps the greatest, most technically accomplished keyboardist in rock history” (allmusic).

Marc Bonilla along with professional photographer Michael Tweed both came to my piano warehouse to see my 1926 Wm. Knabe Parlor Grand and agreed it would be perfect for the desert video/photo shoot. In its day, Knabe was a quality make however this piano (which I acquired as a trade-in), had too many cracks in the soundboard so it was not one that I was considering rebuilding.

The video/photo shoot was going to be at Borrego Springs, CA. and my wife Cindy and I were invited. The whole experience had a family atmosphere and everybody helped out. I supervised with the piano and helped with getting it in the right spot and prepping it.
Micheal Tweed was on hand to lend his expertise and took many great shots for the CD, CD booklet and DVD along with Mari Kawaguchi.
I also acted as one of the photographers whereas I took many behind the scenes photographs. Of the 15 photos that were inserted into the ‘Burning in Borrego Springs’ video, I took 7 photos and Cindy took 2. Also the photos in the slideshow above were taken by Cindy and I with 3 shots by Michael Tweed. To contact Michael or to view his specialty photography visit:

A few days later I was invited to the recording studio ‘The Greene Room’ where Keith Emerson, Marc Bonilla, Keith Wechsler (Keith Emerson’s music producer, keyboard tech, live sound engineer, etc.), and Michael Prescott (DVD producer), were working on the CD and discussing the video. I remember Keith (Emerson), counting down with me the unusual 7, 6, 7, 5 time signature of the track ‘The Art of Falling Down’. Approx. a month later, I went over to Marc Bonilla’s house where we all watched the completed DVD for the first time.

Before the ‘Keith Emerson Band’ went on tour to Russia, Baltic & Japan, they also invited me to their rehearsal at ‘M-Pire Recording Studio’ (where by coincidence, I had previously worked on the piano there for the TV show ‘Ghost Whisperer’). I met with Michael Tweed and several people from the original Borrego Springs video/photo shoot and we all listened and watched the band rehearse.

These were all great experiences!

Tour Promo Backstage Pass Tour Promo
Japanese 2008 tour promo handbill.
Photo courtsey of
2008 Backstage Pass Russian 2008 tour promo.
Photo courtsey of

The piano was also used on promos for the band (around the world), as well as on the backstage passes.

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