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Welcome to The Piano Warehouse!
(our sales division of GL Pianos)

We offer Straight Forward Pricing on the Best Brands for less - everyday!
Unlike piano stores our inventory is streamlined as we offer only the most popular names and Don't Sell Old Trade-ins & Worn Out Rentals.
In addition, we don't inflate our prices to give people the illusion that they are getting a huge discount.

Shop around First, make us Last, see the Savings!   Lowest Prices Guaranteed!
There is No Expensive Showroom and No Sales Staff so we are Not Undersold by retail stores!

Our clients KNOW they have bought a great piano at a great price!    100% Satisfaction - Guaranteed!
We don't use misleading advertising and/or Store GIMMICKS such as; Rent to Own, 100% Trade Up, We Pay the Sales Tax, Tent Sales,
Discount Coupons/Certificates, The Buy-Back Guarantee, The Low Price Guarantee, Institutional/College Sales
(which are all piano store sales), NAMM Show Specials (which many stores have), and the year long Going out of Business Sale (only to open at another location or change the name of the store and then have a Grand Opening Sale).

Quality Pianos from Entry Level to High-End!

Uprights from $3,100 & Baby Grands from $5,490!

Highly Recommended by Industry Pros!

Expert Advice and Great Client Service!

Same Warranties as any Piano Store!

Shop around First, make us Last, see the Savings!

Call for One Hour Appointment; Wed through Sat

We are a real warehouse!
Here is a short video of our original piano warehouse.
I shot this on the spur of the moment (September 2008), to show the quality of the pianos that we sell.
(all of these pianos were Previously Sold)

Our business model is better!
We don't have a store front overhead, expensive showroom and there is no sales staff. Feel free to call us as our inventory is always changing. We may have the right piano for you at an unbeatable price that traditional piano stores can't compete with.

Update 2011 - Since shooting the above video 'The Piano Warehouse' has now moved to a bigger warehouse location.

To see Internationally Acclaimed Recording Artist Josh Groban playing our pianos; Click here    Josh Groban and I

Click on any of the 6 categories below to view pianos, etc.

For special occasions: We provide complimentary decorations. To view; Click here

Certified Pre-Owned Uprights

Certified Pre-Owned Uprights

Pristine Pre-Owned Steinway Uprights and Grands

Pristine Pre-Owned Steinway
Uprights and Grands

New Pearl River Pianos

New Pearl River Pianos

Certified Pre-Owned Grands

     Certified Pre-Owned Grands    

New Kawai Pianos

  New Kawai Pianos

Professional Piano Moving

Professional Piano Moving

Here the piano movers are delivering a Yamaha U3
 I sold to a recording studio on the second floor.

Player Piano Systems: We install New QRS Pianomation and PianoDisc

To Music Teachers:

Over the years I have enjoyed good relationships with many music teachers. Whether helping them with their piano or giving free advice to their students, I'm always happy to speak with people. If your students would like to trade up to a better piano, find their very first one,
or have a piano to sell, always feel free to contact me. Respectfully, Garron R. Larcombe
I received an email from a teacher thanking me on behalf of 2 of her students that purchased pianos from me. To read; Click here

Selling your piano? We buy pianos for CASH!

Thinking about Consignment? It can literally take Months or even Years and many people do not get what they were originally promised!
With us you get Fast Cash on the spot and we pay more than most pianos stores.
The ONLY name brands we buy are: Steinway and Yamaha.


While many times we offer older pianos with ivory keys to clients, I would like to stress
that I do not endorse the use of new ivory on any new or reconditioned piano (or anywhere else).

Elephants and other ivory producing animals are rapidly declining and are in danger of total
extinction, not to mention the horrendous way that poachers remove ivory from living animals.

The Piano Technicians Guild has also stated they oppose the use of
new ivory and further supports a ban on all ivory trade.