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Welcome to GL Pianos restoration department - scroll down to view examples of our work.

Our mission is to rebuild & preserve your timeworn instrument utilizing the finest parts and materials available.
My associates and I set the bar higher as we combine our expert skills of "old world" hand craftsmanship with modern technology. We have over 100 years of experience between us and are proud of the fact that we meticulously rebuild every piano with 110 % dedication to detail. We advise you honestly and give a straightforward estimate. Compared to high priced rebuilders, we save our clients a substantial amount.

Throughout the years I have enjoyed the reputation for producing some of the finest quality restorations. Many of our clients inherit their pianos from over 2 generations ago. These vintage pianos are the best candidates for rebuilding for several reasons including; lasting sentimental value, great historical character, solidly built with beautiful woods, unique vintage crafted designs, better quality and much less expensive than buying new.

Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, and Wm. Knabe are some of the most restored brands among others. Restored Baldwins and Knabes are far better than their new lines from China and Korea, respectively.

It is a wise investment choice for families and a very satisfying experience for us to rebuild and renew a piano. Our clients are always thrilled with the results; the rich sound is regained, the new action is precise and the casework is beautifully refinished. Quite often the new sound of a restored piano can actually exceed the tonal qualities of the original piano from when it was new.

Upon completion, your piano is a pleasurable and priceless family heirloom that can now be enjoyed for future generations.

dot Our Specialty Work Includes:

Cabinet: Strip & refinish in hand rubbed satin, semi-gloss or high gloss (lacquer or polyester). Repair or replace damaged woodwork & veneers.
Soundboard: Repair cracks and refinish (satin or glossy). If needed, custom make & install new soundboard, ribs, bridges, etc.
Decals: Replace soundboard & fallboard decals. Custom make special decals.
Hardware: Replate and/or polish nickel, chrome or brass including plate bolts.
Pin Block: Custom make and install new.
Strings: Replace all, bass & treble sections.
Tuning Pins: Install all new rust resistant, nickel plated pins.
Frame/Plate: Reguild, hand paint lettering & replace all under string felts. Replace agraffes.
Lyre/Trapwork: Overhaul & regulate, replace felts.
Keys: Replace key tops, refinish or replace sharps, veneer sides of keys, refelt bushings, key-end felts.
Ivory Keys: Replace missing ivories (with old ivory). Bleach & buff to look like new.
Keyframe Felts: Clean & re-felt front rail, balance rail, back rail.
Dampers: Replace felts, refinish heads, regulate & overhaul.
Action Parts: We use the best parts available & offer our clients: Steinway, Renner, Tokiwa, etc.
Action: Replace hammers, shanks, flanges, wippens, backchecks, etc. Regulate and voice. Recover backchecks (if not replaced). Modify & custom make action parts if not available.
Back Action: Replace damper tray if needed.
Tune: Tune to A440 concert pitch.

Optional Services include: Professional installation of climate control systems. Piano player systems at Huge Discounts - PianoDisc, Pianomation, Live Performance.

Here are a few examples of our fine craftsmanship - Click photos to view

Bing Crosby’s Wm. Knabe 1921 C. Bechstein Grand Piano 1897 Steinway D Concert Grand 1975 Arthur Freed's Steinway O 1915
Bing Crosby's Wm. Knabe 1921
Multiple photos

C. Bechstein Grand Piano 1897
Multiple photos

Steinway D Concert Grand 1975
Multiple photos

Arthur Freed's Steinway O 1915
Multiple photos

Steinway M Parlor Grand 1944 Steger & Sons Louis XV 1917 Steinway A Grand 1890 Fischer Baby Grand 1931
Steinway M Parlor Grand 1944
Multiple photos
Steger & Sons Louis XV 1917
Multiple photos
Steinway A Grand 1890
Multiple photos
Fischer Baby Grand 1931
Multiple photos

Starr Upright 1910 Steinway B Grand 1893 Steinway Upright 1886
Starr Upright 1910
(with new QRS Petine player system)
Before & After photos
Steinway B Grand 1893
Bel-Air Bay Club's Piano
Before & After photos
Steinway Upright 1886
Before & After photos