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dot TV & Film Industry

* Indicates clients that have purchased pianos from me.
(for three clients, I found them pianos through my personalized Piano Finder Service)

Ridley Scott Tim Allen Vanna White Paul Haggis
"To Garron, Thanks for finding me
a great piano," Ridley Scott *
"Garron, Thanks so much for the
baby grand. It plays," Tim Allen *
"To Garron, Thanks for all the years
of great service! My Grand piano sounds terrific! Love," Vanna White
"Garron - from one artist to another
thanks for your perfect pitch!"
Paul Haggis
Mel Brooks Ed Zwick Brett Ratner Shawn Levy
"Garron - Thanks for working on
my piano - All the best!"
Mel Brooks
"Garron, We love our Steinway
upright! Best Wishes," Ed Zwick *
"To Garron, Appreciate the swift delivery of the Yamaha U3!
With admiration," Brett Ratner *
"Thanks Garron for the Baldwin
Baby Grand. The whole family
loves it! Best," Shawn Levy *
Trish & Jan De Bont Jami Gertz JoBeth Williams Wayne Isham
"Dear Garron, Thank you for
finding us a great piano.
We love it!" Trish & Jan De Bont *
"Dearest Garron, Thanks for the
Steinway Baby Grand! You keep us
Rockin! Love," Jami Gertz *
"Garron, Thanks for making our
piano sparkle!" JoBeth Williams
"Garron, It rocked directing in
your warehouse! Thanks for all
those awesome pianos!"
Wayne Isham
Jason Reitman Stefanie Powers Jim Abrahams Pat O'Brien
"Dear Garron, Thank you for bringing music into our life. Our home is now complete with this beautiful walnut Yamaha in our living room.
Great thanks & warmest regards"
Jason Reitman *
"Dear Garron, Thank you so much
for making my piano sing.
From my Hart," Stefanie Powers
"To Garron - Thanks for the Steinway
for my family. It's 'plane' to see it's a
great piano," Jim Abrahams *
"To Garron - Thanks for putting my
mothers old piano back on the road!
Best," Pat O'Brien
(I rebuilt the Action in Pat's childhood piano that he now has again).
In Dec. 2007, Mr. O'Brien also purchased a Baby Grand from me. *
John Pasquin John Schneider (Bo) Dominic Sena Stephen Dorff
"Garron, Thanks for keeping our
piano in tune. Happy Christmas,"
John Pasquin
"Garron - Thanks for making my
Square Grand piano Sing.
Yee Haa!" John Schneider (Bo)
"Garron, All the Best. And thanks for helping us find a great piano!"
Dominic Sena *
"To Garron, Thanks for the
piano work," Stephen Dorff
Kevin Greutert Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) Pietro Scalia Tracey Ullman
"Garron - Thanks for the Yamaha
U3. We 'Saw' it, We loved it!"
Kevin Greutert *
"To Garron - Thank you for the
piano and your thoughtfulness!!"
Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) *
"Garron, Thanks for taking care
of our piano," Pietro Scalia
"To Garron, Thanks for the tune up!
All the best," Tracey Ullman
Peter MacNicol John Gatins Rich Wilkes Ryan Eggold
"For Garron! Thanks for keeping
the world in tune - you are my
piano's best friend and we
humans like you too!"
Peter MacNicol
"Garron, Thanks for the beautiful
Yamaha! Amazing! Cheers,"
John Gatins *
"Garron! Thanks for the 'xXx'cellent
Baby Grand!" Rich Wilkes *
"Thanks Garron for all the help! And
great advice! And thanks for letting
me play for hours!" Ryan Eggold *
"I love my Yamaha!"
Ann Peacock Rawson Thurber Julie Lofton John Moffitt
"Garron - Thanks for the beautiful
Kawai piano! Best Wishes,"
Ann Peacock **
In July 2011, Ann also purchased a second piano from me.
"Garron - Thanks for the great piano service! Don't forget to Duck!"
Rawson Thurber
"Garron, Thanks for finding me my
Baby Grand!!! I love it and you're the
best! Love," Julie Lofton **
In June 2011, Julie also purchased a second piano from me.
"Garron, Thanks for the PianoDisc system. All the Best!" John Moffitt
Kurt Wimmer Nick Marck Doug Pray Amanda Silver
"Garron! Thanks so much for
putting the harmonics on my
1868 'Birdcage' piano in
'Equilibrium'! Thanks a million
and more!" Kurt Wimmer
"Garron, Our Steinway M has been
in the family for 47 years. Thanks to
your excellent craftsmanship it is
now as good as new. We are
looking forward to playing the next
47 years! With much appreciation," Nick Marck
"Garron, I promise not to 'Scratch'
our beautiful piano! Many Thanks,"
Doug Pray *
"Garron, Thanks for all the great
work on our piano!! Very best,"
Amanda Silver

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